FM Radio Stations in Kerala, India

DC FM (Community Radio/DCSMAT Media School, Kazhakuttam) 90.4 MHz
Big FM (Reliance) 92.7 MHz
Red FM (Sun Network) 93.5 MHz
Club FM (Mathrubhumi) 94.3 MHz
Radio Mirchi 98.3 MHz
Ananthapuri FM (AIR/Vividh Bharathy)101.9 MHz
Gyanvani (IGNOU) 105.6 MHz
Radio Macfast (Community Radio) 90.4 MHz
Radio Mango (Malayala Manorama) 91.9 MHz
Red FM (Sun Network)93.5 MHz
Club FM (Mathrubhumi) 94.3 MHz
Akashavani FM (All India Radio) 102.3 MHz
Gyanvani (IGNOU) 105.6 MHz
FM Rainbow (All India Radio) 107.5 MHz
Spice FM (All India Radio) 101.4 MHz
Radio Mango (Malayala Manorama) 91.9 MHz
Red FM (Sun Network)91.1 MHz
Best FM (Asianet) 95.0 MHz
Club FM (Mathurbhumi) 104.8 MHz
Dreams FM (All India Radio) 102.7 MHz
Radio Mango (Malayala Manorama) 91.9 MHz
Red FM (Sun Network)93.5 MHz
Real FM (All India Radio/Vividh Bharathy) 103.6 MHz
Radio Mattoli (Community Radio) 90.4 MHz
Radio Mango (Malayala manorama) 91.9 MHz
Red FM (Sun Network)93.5 MHz
Club FM (Mathrubhumi) 94.3 MHz
Best FM (Asianet) 95.0 MHz
AIR (All India Radio/Vividh Bharathy) 101.5 MHz


We are happy to introduce the small village Thiruvattar (Tamil: திருவட்டார்,  Malayalam: തിരുവട്ടാര്‍ ). It is located in Kanyakumari District of Tamilnadu, in between the towns of Marthandam and Kulasekharam. It is about 6 kilometer from Marthandam. Here the most important thing to say is the name of the place, Thiru (sacred) + vatt (surrounded) + aru (river). The two main rivers Parallaiyar (which is originating from Mahendragiri) and Kothaiyar (which originating from Kothaiyar lake) surrounded the village and giving the name.

Since it is watery place, the mud will be always wet, so main occupation of this village is Brick making. Also we can find the coconut, banana and rubber plantations.

A brick furnace

A brick furnace

Brick furnace in misty morning

Banana Plantations
Here the important place to introduce is Sri Adikesavaperumal temple, is one of the 108 holy Vishnu temples (105 located in India, 1 in Nepal and 2 in the non physical world). Architecture of this temple is Kerala Style. This temple is older than the Sri Padamanabhaswamy temple in Trivandrum. The architecture and style of this temple has been followed by Sri Padamanabhaswamy temple in Trivandrum. Compared to Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple in Trivandrum this temple is small. Differences between two temples are, in Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple Trivandrum Lord Vishnu facing towards east and in Sri Adikesavaperumal temple towards west. In this temple status of Lord Vishnu is made up of Kaduku (mustard), chippi (lime powder) and sarkara (jaggery). Sculptures and mural paintings of this temple are amazing. Really we have to appreciate the sculptors those who designed the temple.

The pujas are done in this temple are same as Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple at Trivandrum. In the month of April every year, 10 days of festival is going on here. During those days main cultural program of this temple is Kathakali. 10th day of festival with the Arattu (holy bath of god) and Kambakettu (fire works), they will put and end to the festival. If we say about the environment of this temple, wow !, what a pleasant environment ? Fresh breeze with the nice smell of flowers. If we come around the temple everyday, it will be very good exercise to our body and our mind also will be very pleasant. People who come to Thiruvattar surely they will visit this temple. Near by Thaliyal Mutharamman temple and Lord Siva temple also famous here. Often film shootings are taking place here.

A devotional video album song shooting
A lonely way

Sunset view from Thiruvattar

Moovattumugam is hamlet nearby this village, here two rivers Parallaiyar and Kothaiyar combine together and forms Kuzhithurai River and it move towards Arabian Sea.

Aruvikkarai is a hamlet nearby this village. Here we can feel the expression of the water through dashing on the rocks, jumping over the rocks, dancing on the rocks and spreading beads in the bank of the river. Really it is wonderful and gives pleasure to our mind.
In Thiruvattar and its surroundings there are many schools such as Govt. Primary School and High School, NVKS (CBSE syllabus), Excel Central School (ICSE syllabus), Arunachalam Higher Secondary School, which is the first management school (AD 1928) in the surroundings also the great playback singer Mr. Kamukara Purushothaman was the principal of this school and former ISRO chairman Dr. G. Madhavan Nair had been done his Higher Secondary education. People of this village speak both Malayalam and Tamil.

The famous cultural artists also took born in this village. Old play back singer Mr. Kamukara Purushothaman, his carnatic music master Mr. Arumugam Pillai, Mr. Krishna Pillai Bhagavathar (Musician), Mr. Thankappan, Mr. Velukutty (Nadhaswara vidhwans), Bhaskara Pillai, Krishna Pillai (Thavil masters), Nellamma Pillai (Musician), Thankan Thiruvattar (Lyricist). Still here the people are trying to stay back the arts among the new generations.

Police Station, Bus depot, Registrar office, Post Office, State Bank of Travancore all these facilities are available here.

Other important places nearby this village is Chitharal Rock-cut temple, Mathoor Thottipalam (Mathur Aqueduct).

Nearby Marthandam, Kanyakumari District, Tamilnadu

How to reach:
Trivandrum to Marthandam – 39 KM (NH47 Trivandrum-Kanyakumari)
Marthandam to Thiruvattar – 6 KM (Marthandam – Pechipparai Highway)

Mobile Operator Commercial or Bulk SMS Sender codes for India

In India, mobile phone density is higher than land line phone. Companies and service providers use this opportunity to market their products and services through mobile communication. They send bulk or commercial SMSs. This is the fastest and economical way of marketing. In India, normally a mobile phone subscriber will get 2 or 3 commercial SMSs daily. To protect subscriber’s interest, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) categorized commercial SMSs into two types and gives specified format to it.

Promotional Messages : A message contains promotional material or advertisement of a product or service.  Header for promotional message is XY-NZZZZZ, Here ‘X’ is the service provider code listed in the Table1, ‘Y’ is the location code listed in the Table2 and ‘N’ is the preference code allotted by TRAI for different categories in the Table3 and ZZZZZ is the 5 digits number allocated to the particular telemarketer by the service provider.

Eg: IL-612345 (A message related to communication transmitted by Idea Kerala), TD-610039 (A message related to communication transmitted by Tata Delhi), LM-144001 (A message related to banking/insurance transmitted by Loop Mobile Mumbai)

Transactional Message : Account information sent to its customer(s) by bank, insurance companies, financial institutions and Credit card companies.  Information related to travel schedule, ticket reservation by Airline and Railways etc. Header for transactional message is XY-ZZZZZZ, Here ‘X’ is the service provider code list in the Table1.  ‘Y’ is the location code listed in the Table2 and ZZZZZZ for company name.

Eg: LM-HDFCBK (Account Info from HDFC Bank through Loop Mobile Mumbai), BZ-SBTINB (Internet Banking message from SBT through BSNL Maharashtra), BX-CBSSBI (Account Info from State Bank of India through BSNL Karnataka), BX-CANBNK (Account Info from Canara Bank through BSNL Karnataka), BX-CBSSBT (Account Info from State Bank of Travancore through BSNL Karnataka), TM-LICIND (Policy Intimation from Life Insurance Corporation of India through Tata mobile Mumbai), TD-SBGMBS (Messages from State Bank Group Mobile Banking Service through Tata mobile Delhi), TM-RMFUND (Message from Reliance Mutual Fund through Tata mobile Mumbai), LM-CAMSTX (Transaction related message from mutual fund registrar CAMS through Loop Mobile Mumbai), TM-MCALRT (Missed Call Alert), BX-SBIPSG (Message from State Bank of India Payment Systems Group)

Table 1 Service Provider List
Service Provider CodeService Provider
AAirtel (Bharti Airtel)
BBSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited)
CVideocon (Datacom Solutions)
DAircel (Dishnet Wireless)
EReliance Telecom
HHFCL Infotel
IIdea Cellular Limited
LBPL Mobile (Loop Telecom)
MMTNL (Mahanagar Telecom Nigam Limited)
PSpice Telecom
RReliance Communcations
SS Tel
TTata Teleservices
WSwan Telecom
YMTS (Shyam Telecom )

Table 2 Service Area List
Service Area Code Service Area
AAndhra Pradesh
EUP East
IHimachal Pradesh
JJammu & Kashmir
NNorth East
VWest Bengal
WUP West
YMadhya Pradesh

Table 3 Preference Code
Preference Code Preferences
0 No Preference
1 Banking/Insurance/Credit Card/Financial Products
2 Real Estate
3 Education
4 Health
5 Consumer Goods/Automobiles
6 Communcation/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT
7 Tourism/Leisure

Phone nos started with '0140' or '+91140' is allotted to telemarketers by TRAI.